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When we hear the word “stolen”, we usually think of material objects. Stolen money from the bank, stolen clothes from the closet, or even stolen food from the refrigerator. We assume that what is easily stolen are those things that are tangible. But what we don’t realize is that time can also be easily taken from us, as easy as one snap.

By now you might be thinking, “How can time be stolen from me? Everyone equally have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” But here’s what you need to realize, especially if you’re a business owner or an HR personnel: you might be unconsciously and involuntarily paying your employees more than what they worked for. And for employees, you may be working hard without realizing that you’re not being compensated accordingly. No matter what position you hold in the company, you can be a victim of stolen time. That’s why a payroll software is essential in any company, big or small.

Let me tell you a quick story to help you grasp the idea. Hearing about Aria HR Suite, Vitruv Technologies’ payroll system, my friend who happens to run a business approached me. He told me that he’s interested in having their own payroll system, worrying about the discrepancies in the disbursement of salary. He explained that some employees are being deducted for absences when in fact, they still have remaining leave balance. Another worry is that the computation of the government-mandated deductions. As a business owner, he wants accurate computation and deduction of these salary adjustments. With a payroll software, all these can be done hassle-free and efficiently.

After our conversation, one of his employees that I’m pretty close with approached me. Now this one is an honest thief. He jokingly told me not to push through with the payroll system. I asked him why, explaining that he too can greatly benefit from it. He told me that he is a habitual late comer. But his tactics shook me, whenever he logs in his attendance, he never marks it as late. Meaning, his usual 1 to 2-hour tardiness is still being paid. And to make things worse, he still files for overtime on the same day when he works beyond his 8-hour shift. This is the reality, without a payroll system, companies can go through.

Whether it’s to benefit the employees or to insure accurate computation, it doesn’t hurt to have a payroll system in the company. This is an investment worth spending on. But don’t let the spending part discourage you. In the Philippines, there are now a lot of payroll system providers who offers HR and payroll solutions for an affordable price, like the Aria HR Suite. Check her out at vitruvtech.com/ariahr-suite.

Want to keep the time thief out of your company? Let us help you, book a demo at vitruvtech.com/book-demo.

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