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Have you ever scrolled through online job portals far beyond where you plan to be? Admit it, at least once, you’ve searched for job positions not related to your course or interest in job portals. It may be out of pure curiosity or for some, it may be out of sheer desperation. And we’ve all been there. I, myself, have my own take on that experience and it even had some peculiar turn.

For some reason I cannot understand nor remember, I’m a member of online HR groups. Here, people discuss HR-related issues and hire HR-related personnel. There’s nothing out of the ordinary until I noticed something, people actually get hired just to do payroll and nothing else. I know, it may be normal to most but it’s pretty peculiar to me.

Here is why:

People hire Payroll Assistants mainly to, well, assist in payroll and nothing more. Being an assistant, you will practically assist a Payroll Manager or Payroll Specialist. Meaning, some companies hire about 2-3 people just to process their payroll.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the job opportunity postings I’ve stumbled upon:

This person indicated the job responsibilities of the Payroll Assistant they’re looking for. Everything listed above can be easily and efficiently done by an automated payroll system. And payroll system providers now offer quality payroll processing for an affordable price.

With a payroll system, you don’t have to worry about accuracy. The system does the computation for you, including all the government-mandated deductions, additional pay like allowances and commissions, and other attendance-related salary adjustments. Employees can easily track their time keeping because most payroll systems now come with online bundy clocks or can be integrated to biometrics machine or RFID readers.

Employees and admins can easily access the time card to check any discrepancy in the record. All member of the company can also file their leaves on the system and managers can track them and approve them. Company and government loans can also be processed hassle-free through the payroll system.

With a payroll system, you can also do more than what you expect. For example, you can generate reports for internal and external usage. Reports for the government agencies like the SSS, PhilHealth, and HDMF (formerly Pagibig) can be automatically generated every time you process a payroll. Automatic disbursement can be done in partnership with the bank of your choice. And payslips? No problem! The system is also capable of distributing all the employees’ payslips every cut off.

So my point is, one payroll system finish the task of 2-3 personnel. People are made to do more and are capable to do more. Imagine having additional 2-3 people to focus on other things beside the payroll processing. And I know that technologies are not meant to replace humans. But it would be helpful to get technologies made for humans.

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