Springboard Select’s Jo Ann Ocampo is a lady who finds success by helping others. Currently, she finds time to offer her services to two companies.

As an HR Consultant, Jo Ann is a firm believer of the principle of “Teach, Don’t Tell”.

“I explain why something is wrong (or ask for reasons why), and come up with improvements to the deliverables together.”

And unlike the daredevils we all see as thrill-seeking souls, Jo Ann finds excitement and continuous learning in doing different projects, or the same projects for clients across industries. She is many made of many things and she’s certainly not limited. Even in a different industry, she finds it in herself to fit the mold and adjust to the needs of the clients and companies. Even before her current work, she handled senior manager to C-level executive searches across various industries, for positions in the Philippines and occasionally, the rest of Asia.

When asked about the things she’s most proud of in her career, it still leads back to helping her clients, both private and public companies. Her favorite projects are setting-up of a shared service center from the ground up, reorganizing a public lending institution, and designing the operating model and functional requirements for an HR technology transformation.

Career Lessons To Keep In Mind

And let’s admit it, in a working environment, nobody has seen and heard more than the HR. They keep tabs on things and makes sure that every employee is performing well and working comfortably. And here are the top four career lessons she’d want us to take note of:

  1. Welcome the unfamiliar. Your company won’t choose or volunteer you if you don’t have the potential to make an unfamiliar or new project succeed.

Being a pioneer helps you understand how things work at a foundational level.”

The mistakes you learn here will help you improve the way you do things over time. Also, people will always be willing to help (and probably be more forgiving of mistakes) because nobody has done it before.

  1. Don’t be afraid of hard work. If you succeed, you get accolades. If you don’t, then you have more fuel to propel you to improve yourself.
  2. Always make time to learn and relax. Learning new things, especially those not related to your job, will help you see and understand different perspectives better.

There are many ways to skin a cat, as they say, and that also applies to problem solving at work. With the amount of resources today (YouTube, Ted Talks, Coursera, podcasts, eBooks, audiobooks), there is almost no excuse to not learn.”

Furthermore, relaxing or letting your mind wander from time to time helps your brain work in the background to process connections between information. Ever heard of someone saying they got a new idea while in the shower? Since you’re somewhat on autopilot mode in the shower, there’s more possibility to get random ideas there.

  1. Know your priorities and always revisit them. Doing this will help you know your true north and can give you the deepest sense of satisfaction, as you accomplish things that are the most important to you at any given point in time.

If she’s to give advice to her 20-year-old self, she will encourage herself to keep learning and finding new ways to reinvent herself. Don’t limit yourself because there’s so much more in you that just needs to be unveiled and discovered. And in addition to consistently saving money, Jo Ann believes that investing resources for a cause you believe in is worthwhile.

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