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When you are on the lookout to buy something you will definitely try to compare all the features and decide which to buy based on what appeals to you the most. This common bias is prevalent when we do any purchase. It’s a toss between what we need and what we want.

Features should cover basically what we “need”. This relevant attribute is imperative in order for the purchase to be sensible and appropriate. It’s the same as when buying a payroll system. Know what you need. The bells and whistles are there to attract you not to help you.

The following are our recommended features of a payroll system you should look at.

Cost not Price

This is the most crucial since this will dictate whether the type of payroll system you need is actually one you can afford for the duration of your going concern. Consider getting a subscription vs. buying software license.

Configurability is key

Can the payroll system adapt to your HR business rules and payroll policies? This question is important in order for you to anticipate what part of your manual process will be automated and what part will still remain manual. You must take in to consideration the manual aspect of what the system cannot cover for you to decide if it is an actual deal breaker.

Customize, don’t Accessorize

This is where the vendor needs to add functionalities not present in the current system in order to accommodate your payroll procedure. This often entails cost since it is a function particular to your process. So know if you really need to have the payroll system customized or if there is a work around the vendor can recommend.


Like when you buy a car, you need to maintain it for it to run efficiently. A payroll system is no different. Your vendor will provide options for you in order to keep your system up to date and functioning properly. Updates and upgrades are usually included in the maintenance agreement. So take your time to understand what is included and not merely dismiss it as an additional cost.

Web base or App base?

In this digital age, systems are often accessible in different platforms and various media.

A system is web based if it can be accessed via the internet through your desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile phones by typing a URL on a browser. Think Facebook, as an example of a web based system.

And Facebook also will be our example for app based systems. App or “Application” is a digital representation of data in a mobile device. This allows the mobile device to cache or store data in the application without always being online. But can update the information once connected to the app-maker’s server.

So your payroll system must also cater to either, or better, if both options are available. In a web based setup, you can access the payroll system even if you are not in the location of the server and do remote actions, like filings and approvals. App based payroll systems allow mobility on the part of the users which are often on a management level and need specific access to information at their fingertips. Or, provide ease of use to employees in order for them to use the system more effectively.

So, are you ready to get a payroll system?  Book a demo today with us and see the difference!

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