About Us | Vitruv Technologies


Vitruv Technologies was founded with the idea of solving a problem by employing a technological solution. Its inception came when the four partners met with a goal of providing a solution to a complex manpower process requirement. This became the impetus for the development of the system solution that is the Aria HR Suite today. Collectively, the expertise of the partners and the collaborative proficiencies of the development and support teams, provide systems developments and process integrations to myriad of companies with diverse set challenges.

Guided by the vitruvian precepts of strength, functionality and beauty; each system VitruvTech creates aim to empower users to achieve their business goals, while providing a robust process environment, with functional ease of use, in a secured platform.

VitruvTech envisions to provide valued services to industries by understanding its basic pain points and creating software solutions that are practical, efficient and cost friendly.


We’ll be there before you take your first step, and be there as well during your journey. Each pit-stop, every rugged terrain, all the way to the finish line, we will endeavor to meet your needs and see you and your company meet the challenges and succeed!